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Eagle Pose | Garudasana

Piercing Vision of our Soaring Soul

In our own personal practice of Yoga, when we welcome ourselves on the mat, we have an opportunity to enter and observe the richness of our inner world.

Our breath gently guides us through the crevices of our inner landscape leading us to a deeper understanding of our true essence. In these moments, we have an opportunity to look at our thoughts, emotions and hopes as they offer us crucial insights into our inner Self.

In Yoga, Garuda is known to be the destroyer of obstacles on our path that leads us to experience greater levels of awareness. Garuda who is a bird-like creature, is the “modern-day chauffeur” or

the carrier of Vishnu who is “the preserver and the protector” of life and the creation. Whenever our inner world is threatened with tumult, confusion, fear or any other type of disturbances, we can call forth on the qualities of Garuda to help us clear our vision, elevating us to higher levels of clarity and insight.

Eagle pose reminds us of our capacity to see beyond our sight so that we can shift our perceptions and reframe our reality. Garudasana represents riding with the flow, being open to any situation and remain open to whatever is happening without resistance. Garudasana takes us to the practice of strength through our legs, flexibility in our shoulders and upper back and concentration through the practice of balance. It teaches us the endurance and steadiness by bringing in awareness and calmness at the same time.

Like an eagle soaring to the great heights in the sky, we too can observe with precision, our inner environment, bringing more awareness and insight into the infinite dimensions of who we truly are.

Blessings: Garudasana represents devotion and trust in the creation resting in the understanding that everything is as it’s supposed to be. May we soften our eyes so that we can see more clearly with our heart. May we reach the highest altitude of our own inner vision seeing with more clarity who we truly are.


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