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King Pigeon Pose | Kapotasana

Finding Our Way Home

It is a beautiful thing to realize that we are all connected through our longing to find our true home. We all have an inherent yearning to find a “place” where we sense we belong, where our essential beingness is nourished, where we can soften and surrender into grace, trust and love. Yoga teaches us to find this place we call home inside. It reminds us that true contentment is an inside job and that our truest belonging resides in our heart.

One of the characteristics of pigeons is their ability to return to their roots. A racing pigeon can be released 400 miles away from its home and still return within the day. Honing our own ability to navigate to our true home - our heart - can be difficult, especially in the midst of fear and suffering. However, our navigational abilities to return home rely on our practice. Because each time we practice, we are creating an impression so that next time we are lost or have forgotten our way, we can rely on our deeply rooted capacity to locate that space within.

The beauty in returning home is that when we truly arrive, we will always remember our way home. The spiritual homelessness will crumble and will be replaced by the vastness of the inner landscape centered around our heart. The journey from our mind to our heart becomes a daily practice of remembering and refining who we are and how we offer ourselves in the world.

In our pursuit of belongingness, we unite. That is the practice of yoga and the fruit of our practice. Returning home is not a straight path, it requires courage, compassion and self-forgiveness. It means to fully integrate our sadness, grief and trauma so that we can fully reveal the tenderness of our heart.

The essence of king pigeon pose is to remind us of the importance of finding our spiritual home inside so that we can always return home. Kapotasana reminds us about the value of our devotion and the quality of steadfastness in our practice.

Blessing: May we ground ourselves in the understanding that our true home is in our heart. May we plant the seeds of rootedness into our heart so that when we are out there living our lives, this path is always available to us.



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