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Katarina Svabcikova

Yoga Essence Project Creator

At 20 years old when Katarina first moved to the United States from Slovakia, life seemed to flow so effortlessly. She just followed her heart and lived her joy. She landed a great corporate job with an amazing company and moved to Denmark at 26, then came back to the US two years later.


Things didn't seem so easy this time. She was faced with the harsh reality of being vulnerable and alone. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Seeking effective ways to manage her lifestyle, she walked into her first yoga class in Boston in 2012. It was a nice workout and she felt somewhat refreshed, but it wasn't until two years later 

that she discovered the truth of what yoga had been doing for her all along. And in this moment, she felt her heart open again and those long-forgotten strings of her twenties began to tug. She knew then as she knows now that Yoga is a practice she will live until her final savasana.


In 2017 her heart and joy demanded that she deepen her practice, and she willfully obliged. She began Yoga Teacher Training with the incomparable Ahna Hoke of Indianapolis and has been teaching ever since. She was honored with a position at Ahna's side, assisting with Teacher Training one year after she graduated herself. And all this did was fuel her fire. She knew she had to do something truly special in order to fully express her joy. She had to show up in the world. And after learning things that it felt like she'd always known but forgotten her, she had the perfect vehicle for her message.


2018 saw the creation of her Yoga Essence Project. With this vehicle she would set out to help others discover their essence through yoga. She had grand visions of inspiring the people she loves and those she'll never meet with the same, genuine passion. In collaborative effort with the local yoga community, the Yoga Essence Project crafted a book featuring normal people in stunning asanas and it turned out even better than expected. 

Her personal yoga practice is the practice of her heart because yoga allows her to be who she truly is. To her, yoga is a path to deeper understanding. It is a tool to connect body, mind and spirit. It is a tool to cultivating courage, strength, compassion, kindness and love that are all so inherent to all of us. For her, Yoga is a daily practice of tuning in to ourselves, it is a practice of connecting to our heart so that we can be reminded over and over again about the inherent qualities that reside within us – courage, compassion, kindness and love. 


Katarina's journey over the past few years has been a beautiful confirmation of how dedication and consistent focus can bear the fruits of your grandest dreams. Such an elegant example of what can happen when your faith is bigger than your fear. 


Her love of Yoga is her offering to the community. 

If you've actually read this whole thing, thank you. She welcomes you to connect with her via email or you can follow her on social media. 


Learn to heal, balance and love others and yourself.