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Hip Opening Class Sequence

Opening to Love and Grace

Hip openers let us gently release our stuck emotions and lead us to our highest Selves. Our hips are known as the “attic of the soul.” Yoga encourages us to explore a deeper connection to our emotions so that we can better know and understand ourselves. We heal and integrate, finding our true home in ourselves.

By surrendering and softening into hip opening poses we learn to stabilize

our breath through the discomfort so that we can release deeply held tensions.

Honoring and embracing the process of surrender, we find ourselves free of

resistance and in inner peace deep down within. We learn to honor our feelings and emotions as we start to see them as an opportunity for growth, self-compassion and self-love.

Blessings: Bow in deep honor and gratitude to your heart. May we allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions as they come. May we gently release that which no longer serves us.

Affirmation: I embrace all of my feelings with compassion and kindness. My emotions are the language of my soul.


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