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Mountain pose | Tadasana

Mountain pose, the foundation for all standing poses, reminds us how to root ourselves into the earth so that we can become a connection between heaven and earth. As Carol Krucoff says about the most basic standing pose: “The Mountain pose teaches us, literally, how to stand on our own two feet.” It teaches us how to take up space and it shows us how to stand tall in our own belonging.

Tadasana transforms movement into stillness and vice versa. It allows us to attune to the inner world so that we can become better listeners of the inner voice. Mountain pose invites us to explore our inner landscape as we firmly take the stand. Because only when we feel supported, grounded and connected to the inner Self, we can safely explore our inner being, our humanness and our divinity.

In these moments, we have an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of strong foundations so that we can root ourselves in the understanding that we are an aspect of the Divinity. It allows us to remember that we are all humanly divine.

As we stand in mountain pose, we are summoned to practice devotion to ourselves, becoming more aware of our connection between our breath, our body, our heart and our mind. In these moments of stillness, we can discover our true essence by yoking the aspects of our Selves together. Simple and effortless standing becomes a potent spiritual practice.

Mountain pose teaches us to find the strength and steadiness in our legs that support us so that we can find the openness and ease in our upper body. It teaches us to be comfortable in stillness so that we can connect to a deeper inner Self.

Tadasana reminds us of the importance of pause and stillness in the midst of transitions in our lives so that we can create a space for integration. It reminds us that we can always muster the energy of groundedness and steadiness; opening ourselves up to expansion and a sense of freedom.

Blessings: With our feet rooting down into the earth, we are creating a space for inner softening and a sense of belonging. May we acknowledge the foundation of all who have come before us. May we center ourselves in a practice that connects us to Mother Earth and to ourselves.


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