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The Beauty In Our Human Divinity

Remembering our intrinsic beauty and finding peaceful divinity in every aspect of our being without judgment is not just possible; it is inherent in all of us. The truth is, we are all divinely human. We are all from the same Source; however, this truth is cloaked in years of collected thoughts and believes about ourselves and everybody else.

Together, we share this light from the Source. We also collectively share amnesia about our true origins and the truth of who we are. We experience incredible amounts of resistance to this truth because we believe it is not possible for us to be the love and infinite joy inside. Instead, we are taught to engage with fear, guilt, and shame, which are all too familiar to us, therefore, they are the behavior of the least resistance. May we find ways of resolving these faulty programs based in fear that no longer serve us.

The ancient wisdom of Yoga reminds us to practice radical softening and surrendering to the flow of the present moment. With the most precious levels of compassion, it teaches us to gently ground ourselves into our bodies so that we can always return to the infinite love, joy, and freedom that resides in the depths of our heart. We begin again and again to learn to love all the aspects of our fragmented selves so that we can gently integrate them by creating space for them.

The practice of Yoga prepares us to open ourselves to these vulnerabilities that life offers us and to soften into the most uncomfortable feelings without judgment. It is in this practice that with elegant softness we can accept the lost & abandoned fragments that are waiting to be heard, seen and ultimately healed.

The remembrance of who we are is the practice of Yoga. Like a newborn that is in constant remembrance of the Self, we too can remember that we are Divine human beings. May we release the years of collected pressure, fears, worries, and doubts so that we can see and feel the pure light and love that is us. Like a flower bud that hides the beauty of the blooming flower, we conceal our heart in order to protect it from the fears and aches. Yet that is the soil on which we can plant the seeds of compassion and love towards ourselves.

Blessings: May we learn the subtle language through which the Divinity speaks to us and through us. May we clear the judgments, fears, and anxieties so that we can rest in knowing the truth about ourselves. The truth that we are divine and human at the same time.


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