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Rooted Heart

If your heart could talk to you, what would it say? Quieting down, creating a space for listing to whatever it is that our heart wants to say to us, allows us to create a very authentic relationship with ourselves. In these moments, we can choose to honor everything as that belongs too.

Creating and refining this pathway can be shaky but at the end lies the reward of our rooted hear. Steeped in Grace, Trust and Love. Rooted in our inherent wisdom that is always there, always available to us, if and when we are ready to listen.

What would be your heart’s whisper if you could tune in?

Rooting ourselves in our heart is a practice of creating a space within to which we always belonged and to which we can always return to. A space in which we can cultivate compassion, kindness and trust because when we are rooted in our heart, we intuitively know the fundamental truths. The truth that we are loved and cared for beyond our understanding and that we are worthy of love and that we have an infinite potential to share it with the world.

The intelligence of our heart is here to guide us to our higher Self so that we can stop getting in our own way and allow the Divine to nourish us and to heal us. Our heart contains the light of the Divine. Our heart is our connection to the Divinity.

My teacher Ahna recently said that when we embark on the yogic path, Yoga will ask us to be vulnerable and that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. It resonated with me so much because in order to be vulnerable, we must have our heart open especially in the most uncomfortable and most fearsome situations. We must have strength so that we can show our weakness. We have to have courage to reveal our vulnerability. It is exactly in those moments that we can find these golden nuggets that give us an opportunity to practice – to practice the remembrance of who we truly are and to practice the refinement of how we show up in this world.

What would be your heart’s prayer? And what would it look like to live in the prayer of your heart through which we can honor our heart’s wisdom?

Blessings: Yoga is the practice of the heart. May we open and expand our hearts even more so that we can create a sanctuary for listening, for holding the deepest levels of compassion towards ourselves and for elevating us to our highest potential.

In Grace, Trust and Love,



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