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Remembering Our True Essence

Yoga is an invitation to remember who we truly are as our true essence keeps unfolding. It is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery that uniquely accommodates our specific needs so that we can address our individual mental and emotional experiences. It asks from us to clear stuck emotions and patterns. It is a path of living in downright vulnerability. And as we embrace this path, we gather more courage and trust than we ever thought possible.

Oftentimes, the hurt aspects of ourselves are holding us hostage yet once we begin to awaken the light within, we have an opportunity to create space for the uncloaking of our heart from years and years of collected gunk and sludge. These are the patterns of thoughts and behaviors that often go unnoticed. These are the patterns that sabotage our growth. We carry them in our inner emotional and mental field, sometimes unknowingly. So we ask: May we remember that only unconditional love overcomes every single obstacle. May we remember that in our innermost being we can cultivate forgiveness, compassion, kindness and softness. May we remember that the reward for suffering lies in our heart if we can get there. May we honor with tears the heartbreak, the loss, the pain.

Ancient yogis discovered that yoga practice has the potency to internally silence us so that we can start listening to that profound and delicate wisdom that resides within us. In the heart of this wisdom is the knowing of our true nature. Yoga teaches us that the more we love ourselves, the more we remember we are Divine and the more we start to remember that we have to forgive ourselves in the subtlest ways. Everything that needs healing needs love. Our only responsibility is to love ourselves, in our totality. How many of our thoughts and emotions we bypass, dodge and shun because they are too uncomfortable or too painful?

Yoga reminds us that we are not here to learn, we are here to remember. We are here to remember that we are all the same in our hearts. We are here to awaken the knowing that our true essence is steeped in love. We are here to refine our inner dialog. We are here to listen more. We are here to soften more.

And in those moments when we cannot stop ourselves from the old stale patterns, we practice. We practice kindness and forgiveness so that we can uncloak that which has been hiding. So that we can slowly and gradually purify our hearts, our bodies and our minds. We mindfully and patiently create a life worthy of spiritual reflection from inside.

Yoga teaches us how to invoke gratitude for this life, this body, this heart. May we refine how much do we honor our selves. May we unfurl the remembrance of our true nature. May we come out of our cocoon from which our true essence appears.


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