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Radical Softening | Softening Into Your Self

When we practice Yoga, we have an opportunity to soften into our Self, becoming more porous, ready to tune in and listen to our precious heart. Noticing our heart softening may feel fragile, yet the more we listen and tune into the inner environment, the more we can soften and stay in the present moment. It is our duty now to consistently show up so that we can practice and cultivate radical inner softening.

Radical softening is one of the most important elements of our personal yoga practice. In the unfolding of our spirit and the evolution of our soul’s remembering, we have an opportunity to recognize our potential for infinite love, compassion and trust because when we soften internally, we are creating a porous space consciously inviting insight, inner wisdom and

understanding that provide a vision for us, guiding us every step of the way to the highest version of ourselves. In these moments, we intuitively know it is always there, patiently waiting for us. Yoga reminds us that in our form, there is an infinite beauty and wisdom residing within. Enlightening our hearts and awakening to our spiritual wisdom is our path.

In today’s world, the word “soft” has a bad rap, it conveys an impression of weak, unsteady, even cowardly. The truth is, keeping our heart open and soft, in the midst of pain and suffering, is the bravest and highest level of practice and devotion. Yoga reminds us of the importance of the remembrance to soften and open our sweet heart. Yoga reminds us to soften our ears so that we can hear more while absorbing delicious silence. It reminds us to soften our eyes so that we can see more, absorbing the beauty around us. It reminds us to soften our mind so that we can invite more clarity, wisdom and intuition. And most importantly it reminds us to soften our gentle heart so that we can be the light-carriers offering our light around us. Because the closer we stay to our heart and the more we soften into it, the more we can reveal our inherent nurturing qualities toward ourselves and others.

Blessing: May we redefine the quality of softness so that we can create strong and vibrant body while finding our soft edges. May we ground ourselves in strong and steady foundation of grace, love and trust so that we can soften and open our sweet and gentle heart.


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