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Inward Connection

It takes courage, compassion and patience to unfold our heart from years and years of collected densities that cause us to lose our connection to the inner Self. Everything we have ever experienced, felt and thought is accumulating within us. So we ask: “May we commit to searching for the highest truths that reside within our heart.”

The ancient wisdom of Yoga teaches us how to establish a sanctuary, a true home within so that we can free ourselves from searching for the truth outside and solely rely on the transmission from our heart.

Our capacity to develop a connection to our inner being is the practice of Yoga. We are creating firm foundations that allow us to find refuge within. From this place of inner connection, we have an opportunity to soften, allow and surrender. Only then, we can get out of our own way so that we can see clearly the vision of ourselves that is happy, loved, and at peace.

The wounds and pains, the doubts and fears that touch us the most have the power to propel us to deep transformations. It takes courage to go inside. Yoga reminds us to humble ourselves so that we can feel the grief, the sadness, and the fear. Connecting and tapping into these energies, courageously and patiently, creates space for self-healing, an art that nobody teaches us.

Anchoring ourselves in our heart alchemizes our past. The inner landscape of our being contains levels and layers of emotions and patterns of beliefs. Yoga teaches us that on the journey inward, there is no bypassing of what we feel and what we experience. Because to heal ourselves means to look inward so that we can resolve and release old programs and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Today, I invite you to redefine yourself through a lens that transforms fear into courage, doubt into trust and wounds into profound healing. Nurture yourselves, so that you can establish inward connection to your heart. Nourish yourself with your own heart’s medicine. From this place, you can start to feel the quality of inner calm. That is our true nature.

Blessings: Inner connection means to have unparalleled patience and compassion towards ourselves. May we elevate ourselves through deep healing. May we learn to navigate the inner landscape, finding deepest levels of peace and tranquility within.



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