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Fall with Grace

As a student of Yoga, I have been introduced to the concept of Opening to Grace at my Yoga Teacher Training. I have never heard about it before so in line with my curiosity and insatiable hunger to learn I opened myself up to the beauty and safety of Grace.

Opening to Grace is a practice. It is a dedication to keeping our hearts open no matter what circumstance. It is the first and the highest principle that allows us to align our mind and our heart with the Divine.

Grace reminds us of the importance of being grounded in the qualities of our heart which are inherent in all of us: the courage, compassion, kindness and love. It is to remember that our true home is in our heart and all we need to do is to remember we carry our home wherever we go.

Opening to Grace allows us to open to the divine interventions to flow through us. It means to compassionately open our heart, especially in the midst of vulnerability and fear. Opening to Grace means to let go and to surrender in trust to the eternal flow of energy.

Blessing: To find Grace means to find home in our heart. Bow to your heart in gratitude for guiding us and showing us the way home. May we surrender in deep trust and inner knowing allowing the Divine Grace to effortlessly flow through us.



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