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Camel Pose | Ustrasana

Like a camel journeying through the Sahara, Ustrasana teaches us to conserve our energy on our spiritual path. A path that requires not just stamina, but most importantly our commitment to the ever-evolving inner awareness.

Down on our knees, with our heart fully open, we are exposed to the depths of our vulnerability. The beauty of Yoga practice reveals to us our long-forgotten fears, limitations and beliefs that no longer serve us. As we anchor into the earth and gain the support beneath, we know that we can safely open those areas and aspects of our life. Yoga allows us to shed light in the space that is ready to be open so that we can start to consciously release, in gratitude, that which no longer serves us. In this process, we can get comfortable with the uncomfortable. In this very vulnerable position, deep down from the belly, we can expose what we naturally want to protect.

Camel Pose links directly to our heart chakra, Anahata. Anahata means “unstruck” which means that no matter what trauma, grief and sadness we have ever experienced, our heart remains pure, kind and compassionate because that is the true essence of our heart. It is our energy center of love, and is responsible for our sense of caring, kindness and compassion. Especially in the moments when we are experiencing difficult emotions, Yoga reminds us to cultivate compassion, to be gentle with ourselves.

Similarly to a spiritual pilgrimage, Ustrasana reminds us that the journey is not about the destination. Because when fully arrive into this pose, our perspective has changed, our inner world is enriched. Camel pose reminds us that we can trust ourselves on the journey of spiritual awakening. It reminds us that the resources we need are already residing within us so that we can move from the place of confidence, compassion and love.

Blessing: Feeling open and vulnerable teaches us to deeply trust ourselves. May we embrace our vulnerability with an open and compassionate heart so that we can gain the greatest freedom on our spiritual path.


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