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Why We Love Yoga?

Declaration Of Our Heart’s Wisdom

We love Yoga because Yoga allows us to be who we truly are. It gently nourishes us and reminds us of all the inner qualities that already reside with us. We practice so that we can remember we already carry infinite love, compassion and wisdom within us. This is the Wisdom of the Heart.

The Essence of Yoga, which is heart based, reminds us that we need to ground ourselves in love, courage and trust, especially when fear and doubt arise. Through this process, Yoga becomes an invitation to be uniquely you, it is an invitation to bring up these qualities in your own unique way.

Love is the ultimate law of life and Yoga reveals this truth to us. Through the ancient principles of Yoga, we learn how to heal what needs to be healed so that we can release that which no longer serves us. We root ourselves in this foundation as we soften and open our heart to the ocean of love, courage and a sense of freedom that resides within us.

May Yoga remind us every step of the way of our inner nature, bringing clarity and igniting our Soul. May we open our heart so that we can accept the invitation to become fully familiar with what it feels like to be loved, supported and nourished.

We bow in deep honor and gratitude for our heart for guiding us, for reminding us the true nature of our Selves.



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