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The Seed Of Our Inherent Beauty

As we start to truly open our heart, as we choose to reveal our own beauty and offer it to the world, we start to discover the sweet nectar of our devotion that lies in our practice.

When we slow down and embark on the journey of discovering what is hidden behind the asanas, we start to become more receptive to their hidden beauty and depth. In these moments we start to remember our own inherent beauty and depth.

May the practice of finding our essence elevate us to clarity from which we can offer the highest version of ourselves into the world.

The truth is, within the depths of our heart, there is an ocean of love, compassion and kindness. But we first need to release layers and layer of thoughts, emotions, stories and beliefs in order to be able to reveal our heart and our true essence. We are all inherently beautiful. We are all divine beings.

The practice of yoga reminds us to see the preciousness of our life and the life of others. It allows us to greet the world from our heart, it gently guides us to our fears, insecurities and stories we tell ourselves. Yoga is a holistic approach that allows us to transform at every level. From the depths of our spirit we can initiate true healing because we intuitively know how to nurture the divine within.

From this place of open heart, we start to remember our inherent desire to nourish ourselves and others with sweet and loving thoughts, showering ourselves with compassion and kindness. In today’s world, more inner receptivity is needed, so that we can transform the harsh inner environment first. The practice of Yoga reminds us that it is our choice of how we offer ourselves in this world.

Blessing: We can only blossom from the seed of Self. Finding the Divine within is a practice that requires an open heart filled with courage, compassion and kindness. May we all create a sacred place in our heart, our home. May we be reminded of our precious essence that effortlessly emanates the fragrance of grace, trust and love in all our relationships, in everything we do.



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