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Our Sacred Practice

In yoga, when we truly arrive to our mat, when we close our eyes, we have an opportunity to slow down our breath so that we can slow down our mind. In these moments of solitude, when we can hear our own breathing, we have an opportunity to enter our personal oasis.

It is a sacred space because it is a place of calmness, serenity and inner wisdom. And although our experience is very personal and completely unique, this oasis is also a way of how we are all connected to the source of all beings that have ever existed or will ever exist. We are all connected through these fibers of fabric represented by our emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Finding ourselves in this space allows us to open to the divinity within. It provides us with an opportunity for the refinement of our mental and emotional power. Like the most expansive diamonds in the world, what really counts is our ability to reflect on the currents of our inner world. Our sacred space allows us to emanate with greater clarity our offerings, our energy and our love.

Yoga allows us to use our practice in any way we want. I use my practice to remind myself to be more kind to myself. To practice softening rather than pushing. Collectively, we come to Yoga to connect to our friends, our neighbors and our community. In our breath we share and we unite. We dedicate and offer our breath, we give it away as an offering because we know that there is an ocean of love, compassion and kindness to give away. Riding on the wave of our breath, we yoke in these moments of connectedness. With reverence, we bow to our heart as we invoke our prayer.

Blessing: Love, compassion and kindness are the greatest gifts we can offer. May we share the highest vibrations of love with each other. May we share the fruits of our sacred practice to more deeply connect to ourselves and each other.



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