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Our Inner Accountability

There is a voice inside of you that you invariably listen to. It is a frequency that mirrors your inner being. Paying attention to this voice within is a vital practice that offers us an opportunity to become more responsible for our own inner state of being.

The practice of Yoga reminds us that we create from inside out. It teaches us to be present and conscious about what we pulse out of our hearts and our minds. Because this pulse creates our reality.

Cultivating and practicing inner accountability is the first step in recognizing our obligation to our inner self on the path to honesty and truthfulness. Can we tune in to all of our thoughts and emotions so that we can keep ourselves accountable to the quality of our inner and outer dialog? Can we get the ugly truths out without judgment? Can we commit to loving ourselves even in the most unpredictable outcomes? Can we use our experiences to mirror ourselves to others? Can we see our light and our dark and use it with our family and community so that we can heal what needs to be healed?

Accountability means to step into the landscape of blame, guilt and shame. It means to safely open our heart so that we can take responsibility for how we are showing up in every single moment.

Inner accountability is our personal commitment to the truths of who we are. It is our commitment to create a space within in which we can answer to ourselves in full honesty and transparency. And in doing so, we create a rare opportunity to turn the mirror to ourselves in which profound healing can happen.

Can we blunder and begin again? Can we soften into forgiving ourselves for the choices we make? Yoga invites us to dedicate ourselves to learning to interrupt our patterns, releasing the self-sabotaging template. So that we can instead create patterns that support us in our personal goals and visions.

Learning to soften the harsh inner dialog infused with guilt and blame requires from us to transform the untamed and undomesticated pieces in each of us so that we can design a version of ourselves that is aligned with who we are becoming.

And when the self-doubt transpires again, we allow the fear to open us to deeper layers of our being so that we can re-pattern our brain, freeing ourselves from the limiting beliefs we think are true about ourselves.

And in the moments, when we feel like we are slipping away, may we be reminded over and over again about our magnificent beauty, precious heart and the divinity within.

Blessings: Accountability means to be steadfastly committed to the truths of our heart. May we consistently show up to our practice. May we understand that what made us who we are was not just inevitable, it was meant to come to life and experience.

May we trust our path and all the blocks that are showing us the path toward our hopes and dream. May we redefine our standards of inner accountability so that can elevate ourselves to a higher state of being.



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