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Finding The Light In You Teaches Me To Find The Light In Myself

As we bow to our heart and to the Divine within us, we are reminded about the richness of our inner Self. From this space, we can call on our heart’s wisdom. When we really arrive in our heart, when we close our eyes, when we slow down our mind, we have an opportunity to enter our personal oasis.  We can soften into the calmness of our soul that reminds us to cultivate the deepest levels of self-compassion, trust and courage.

And although our experience is very personal and completely unique, this oasis is also a way of how we are all connected to The Light, the source of all beings that have ever existed or will ever exist.

We are all connected through these fibers of fabric represented by our emotions, thoughts and experiences. In Yoga, we unite in moments of expansiveness, compassion, kindness and Grace. We practice self-awareness, because awareness is the key. The key to unlocking our fears and vulnerabilities. We gradually shed the Light into the darkness so that we can expose what is ready to be seen.

With our hands together in Anjali mudra, we bow to our heart and we bow to all

hearts everywhere. In this gesture of reverence, we celebrate and honor both our humanness and our divinity.

Blessing: To find the Light in us means to find peace within ourselves. We bow to our heart. May we comfortably rest within the depths of our own being honoring the place within us that is the infinite Source. The divinity within.

I bow to you.




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