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Learning to Heal

Our souls contain inner knowing and hold the medicine we need. The truth is, we are all in a different state of healing all the time. And when we are ready to welcome our heart’s medicine, we receive healing and nourishment that supports us in returning to that familiar place within we call home. The place from which we experience peace, freedom and deepest levels of love imaginable.

Our well-being and burgeoning are within our reach. Our heart has the capacity to heal and restore that which has been disturbed by grief, betrayal, abandonment, worry and fear.

Yoga reminds us to cultivate a state of inner listening in which we can shed the distrust of our own heart’s intelligence and intuition. A state in which we can slowly uncloak our divine essence as we become more willing to go inward so that we can unfurl the crusty layers of fears, worries and doubts. Because every time we quite ourselves enough, we have an opportunity to reverently open our heart a little bit wider so that we can receive our heart’s wisdom, its nourishment, guidance and healing.

The question then arises, can we honor that which is more difficult to practice? Can we learn how to heal ourselves? Can we notice the divine even in the most difficult situations? Because the truth is our higher Self knows how to heal us. Our challenges can only be solved with more softening, more forgiveness and greater clarity. Yoga teaches us how to honor all that happened to us. Through the practice of Yoga we gradually learn to create a space for more receptivity, more opening so that we can create an inner oasis anchored in the present moment through which we can assimilate our thoughts, feelings and memories and slowly heal.

Blessings: May we allow more softness, more forgiveness into our present moment. May the purity of our connection with the Universe teach us how to navigate our tenderness with care, compassion and kindness. May we let our fears and desires dance and move together in harmony, finding steadiness and ease as we break the patterns of resistance and defiance.



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