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Half Moon Pose | Ardha Chandrasana

Finding Equilibrium In Your Life

Essence of Asana: Half Moon pose teaches us that when we look deep within, we can find the perfect balance in every moment. Balance, not perfection. Every human yearns and thrives for inner balance and inner peace. We can all intuitively sense the feeling of serenity, tranquility and peace that resides within but sometimes our hearts get cloaked behind fear, doubt and worry.

The practice of Yoga reveals to us that deep within the depths of our heart, there is an abundance of balance, poise and harmony. It only takes a mindful moment to come back to your breath so that you can anchor yourselves in the truth of your own heart. And in those moments when we find ourselves on the other side of the pendulum, we have the perfect opportunity to practice softness, kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others.

Half Moon pose also reminds us about the importance of accepting change so that we can embrace the ever-evolving dynamics of our lives. Through the understanding that we are different every time we step on our mat, we can accept and adapt to the needs of our changing selves. Only when we become more in tune with the cycles of our own lives, in our yoga practice, in our relationships and with ourselves, can we fully open to infinite possibilities embracing change and uncertainties with an open heart.

This can only be achieved when we are fully present in our body. Half Moon pose teaches us to find balance between the lifted foot and the grounded foot and it asks us to re-evaluate our relationship with the lifted arm and the grounded arm.

Ardha Chandrasana reminds us about the power of compromise as well as the consequences of losing our balance. As we enter this pose we are challenged to explore the relationship between effort and action. Balance teaches us that everything we do we can overdo or underdo. Half Moon pose shows us that the pose never changes, but we do.

May we honor our path, our personal phases in our life and in our body with compassion and kindness.



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