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Monkey Pose | Hanumanasana

Hanuman: The great Monkey God who took the greatest leaps.

Hanuman teaches us that finding faith and trust, experiencing Grace in its fullest expression is our path. He reminds us to live from our deepest heart and encourages us to always ask ourselves whether our thoughts, words and actions are steeped in the essence of Love. Because only from this space - from the softness of our heart - can we gather the strength and courage to transform our fears and obstacles.

The essence of Hanuman is infused by the fierce power of love. The only place where we can, in reverence, see the Divine in everything. Experiencing humbleness and opening ourselves to vulnerability in the hands of the greatest love transforms our understanding of the Divine in our humanness. In our human experience, we remember we embody pure devotion. We gently and consciously tap into our wounds so that we can transform our beliefs. In the deepest trust, the true meaning of devotion reveals itself to us. We offer ourselves, summoning all the strength and courage so that we can take the leap, devoted to the greatest love.

Hanuman teaches us that we all have inherent love, courage and wisdom residing in us. He reminds us of the importance of selfless love and devotion. Our life has been given to us to create, to honor, to connect. It has been given to us to serve with Love. May we connect to our hearts ever more deeply. May we embrace our vulnerabilities and may we all connect through the fabric of our heart.

Blessings: We bow to our open heart. We invite the energy of devotion into our heart and into our body. We bow to whatever it is we bow to on the deepest level. We bow to the invisible energy that moves us, that opens us. May we always do our best, according to our highest Truth.


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