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The Spiritual Spring

What a joy it is to be alive. To be consciously present to the alchemy of the soul.

To be awakening to the inner flowering with the light and trust in our heart.

It is an essential job for all of us to activate this spiritual power within. This potent sleeping power that is available to us - we intuitively know that deep down within there is an infinite love and wisdom that resides within us. We know we are guided on our path of spiritual awakening.

And as we start to see the way, we can open to a fully aligned destiny. We surrender to our own purpose which we are destined to live. We honor the truth of our soul, always. We are no longer scared of showing our true Self. May we remember the sacred work we came here to do.

In our own, very personal practice of Yoga, we are gently reminded of the tenderness of our heart. We gently awaken to our Self, to that which will never leave, that which holds us in loving care in the darkest moments. There, we crack open because we finally sense the safety of our heart. We connect to the energy that holds us safe, supported and nurtured. We open our heart, we reveal the Light in us on the destined path.

We remember our essence. We remember our divinity. We give thanks to the Divine for giving us abundant opportunities to learn, to forgive, then to forgive more so we can move beyond our stories and limiting beliefs.

Blessing: The practice of brave yet gentle heart means to be receptive to our soul and to our higher Self. May we be guided to our solemn devotion. May we be ever more tuned in to our soul that speaks to us, that loves us, that holds us.



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